So, I have had the good fortune to get through a lot of stresses this past year and I am finally able to say that I'm making progress on the Century Project.  This week, I started work on my new corset, throwing me into the 1870's.  I had to modify the pattern because A. I'm way tinier than the patterns are made and B. I wanted to use continue the same print on the boning casings.  I believe that the changes are absolutely wonderful, and I have a couple pictures of the progress. More are, of course, due.

Here you can see the brocade that I'm working with.  It is, of course, much too flimsy to be used alone for a support garment, so it is being lined with a cotton drill.

As you can see, I attached each piece to the support fabric and used it as a single entity.  Once I get some photos today, I will post to show the progress, and will prove that I successfully inserted my first spoon busk!