Continuing the brocade corset from where I left off in January- Right after the last entry, we had a "snow storm". For those of us from places where snow is commonplace.. we had about 10" of snow. For here, this was the "Snow-mageddon". Everything closed down. The good part for me was that I had a 1 day work week that week! The sad part was that the area power outages knocked out my internet (but luckily not my power through the house.) I got a LOT of progress made on the 1877 monster!

I stitched the corset pieces together with wrong sides together. Once this was finished, I made each piece into a boning channel and stitched it into place. Not sure if that makes sense, but I completely forgot to get photos of the progress.. D'oh!  I do have some other photos of the result of the construction, so I'll go ahead and post those now!

As you can see, I have an unfinished princess petticoat under the corset. I'm having a really hard time finding the layers of "white goods" for this time period- some sources state that all petticoat layers were worn under the corset (to reduce bulk at the waist while maintaining the "natural form") and others (like the pattern I used to make this petticoat) say that it was for wearing over. Either way, the princess petticoat was popular to reduce waist bulk. I may make another one without ruffles and with small sleeves for under the corset, but to photograph this for now, it'll do nicely. I still need to finish the petticoat- buttons, more trim, etc, but that will be another blog entry!

On the self- fabric boning channels, I made the channel for the boning, stitched the casing in place with a strip of pink ribbon, and sewed to the corset on one end. This gives the corset a very flat look while still giving me a chance to play with trim. You can see that there were two seams where I didn't have enough fabric for a boning channel. Those I placed a piece of boning casing on, and covered with white satin trimmed with pink ribbon. This part was done in kind of a rush (even 5 day weekends come to an end!) and you can see that they aren't as perfect as they should be.  I used the same white satin and pink ribbon at the bottom to close the corset, and at the top closed it with white satin and lace. All in all, for the third corset I've ever built, (and my first spoon busk!) I'd say it's not bad! The only major issue is that the dummy stands very straight, and isn't as easily shaped as a human being would be! Once I get more of the under parts finished, I will complete a photo shoot of the layers!