So, we've moved.  Again.  And I have a new sewing room.  Again.  At least this time I don't have to share the room with the office stuff AND the spare bedroom- it's really hard to get anything done that way.  Also, really hard when you have to pack everything back up again!

Now that we're settled (mostly) and the sewing room is upacked (except for 2 out of 3 machines, which are on the sewing table but still in their boxes!) I'm back into projects.  I had a quick project to get everything running (not Century Project related- this one was for our Engagement photos!) and now I've started to dig out the projects that were on the board. 

First, my new 1860's Spoon Bonnet.  Once I got rolling this morning I cut some grey silk for the outer and some white for the lining.  Ben cut the wire for me, and now I can start to wire the bonnet and assemble (the buckram and inner lining has been cut for almost a whole year).  Good times!  Now, what will this new grey bonnet be worn with?  All of my nicer 1860's dresses, of course!  But most specifically, with the purple and orange silk dress that got started some time last June.  SIGH!  That was 2 moves ago!  Also in the 1860's pile is my new wrapper.. which just needs some love on the lining and some fasteners, I think. 

So, Silk Bonnet (1860's), finish purple and orange gown, and finish wrapper.  That's 1-3.  What's #4??  Start a new corset, of course!!  I found a BEAUTIFUL brocade to use for my new 1870's corset (and bought it!)  Horray for gathering pieces!  Hopefully having such pretty fabric will inspire me to work faster to get to it.  And of course, once the corset is done the outer garments MUST fo