I've been pretty terrible about doing updates on this section!!  This is what happens when you let life run away with you! 

Let me describe what you see in the photo.  This gown is a Colonial Era Polonaise, made from 100% linen.  The gown is an robe a l'anglaise en polonaise, and is made from a chocolate brown linen purchased at Denver Fabrics.  The underskirt is made from a striped linen, also purchased at Denver Fabrics.  The hat is a straw hat purchased from JAS Townsend, covered with 100% silk, purchased at Joann's.  The trim on the hat were also purchased at Joann's, and are part of their Casa Collection.  The ribbon around the crown is velvet, and the one securing the hat to my head is satin.  The cap is actually made from 100% cotton muslin (I cheated there!) and is trimmed with a satin ribbon in brown.  The earrings are freshwater pearl, purchased on Amazon. 

Now, let me describe what  you can't see in the photo above: The shoes are the Anna style from Fugawee, and they're wonderful.  Worn for 1 day with no blisters.  The stockings are also Fugawee.  The under petticoat is 100% cotton muslin.  The shift is also 100% cotton muslin, and has finished cuffs with drawstrings to keep them in place.  The neckline is also drawstring.  The stays are a dark blue linen, lined and interlined with a heavy cotton-wool blend, and edged with beige cotton twill.  I cheated here as well, and used metal gromits (because I was running out of time!) and used cable ties for boning (because I'm cheap!).

At the time that this photo was taken, the buttons for the polonaise were missing, the ribbon holding up the polonaise is saftey pinned in place, and the sleeve ruffles are missing.  I also discovered (which you can see if you look closely) that I need to add boning to the center front of the bodice.  All in all, not a bad first time out!

As for the location, you couldn't have found a better one!  Along with the Tailor's Daughter, I went to Old Fort Niagra for their Revolutionary War weekend.  If you're ever looking for a beautiful place to visit in the Buffalo NY area, this should be on your list!  Unfortunately for us, the day we were there was super windy and cold.  Since it's not the official photo shoot for the project, we were only a little sad.  Mostly we were extremely happy with the way that the outfits came together!

So, now you have a preview of the first gown!  More to follow on the construction, more photos, and, of course, more gowns!

Here's a couple of quick pictures of my partner for the Century Project, the Tailor's Daughter.  She's wearing a Caraco jacket made of 100% linen (block printed).  I'm not sure what her source was, but it's beautiful!  Her petticoat is 100% navy linen, and her shift, cap, and sleeve ruffles are a cotton-linen blend.  Her shoes also came from Fugawee, and her hat (not pictured) from JAS Townsend.  Her under petticoat is 100% cotton.  The bottom photo shows a better view of the front of her gown and stomacher.  I'll link her blog once she gets it up and running!  We'll also have to get some photos of her stays, because hers are beautiful!!  As always, a beautiful job by the Tailor's Daughter!

6/5/2010 11:58:32 am

The gowns are beautiful and the sewing and details are impeccably done. I couldn't recommend a better costumer/seamstress when looking to have something done for any important or special time in your life.

MaryAnne, the site looks great and I can't wait to see more things posted!


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